Commercial Services

Commercial buildings are a bit more complex than a residential home. And, they are prone to water damage as well. There are many reasons for water damage from someone leaving the water running, a machine leak, pipe leak and more. When you see the first signs of water standing you should alert the proper personnel of the issue. We are here to help when there isn’t the personnel or the industrial machines to do it. Cleaning up a commercial building after a flood can be a huge deal. But, we have you covered.

We have large industrial machines that will come in and suck the water from the carpets. These are so powerful that you would think they were completely dry afterward. However, they are not. That is why we back up our services with industrial dehumidifiers. A commercial building may need several of these to complete the task of getting all of the water out of the building. We have several.

mold remediation Nashville TN
Water damage restoration isn’t just getting the water out but it is fixing what caused this problem in the first place. It is repairing anything that was damaged such as hardwood floors, walls and tile and making the building look great again. Our water damage restoration services offer mold remediation as well. Once the flood is gone it is important to have a few mold inspections should you not smell anything to ensure there hasn’t been a secondary issue. This is especially important if you have the general public coming into the building. A mold issue can cause a breakout in sickness that no commercial building needs. Have our professional team come and inspect a couple of times after the flood to ensure that all mold has been addressed as well.
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