Water Damage Restoration

Did you have a flood? There are many reasons for needing flood damage repair from a leaking pipe, to a sub-pump quitting, a hole in the roof or a water faucet left on. However the water got there, it needs to get out and quickly. The longer water is standing in an area the more damage it can do. Many times the building materials used to build the building wick water up. Things such as wood and drywall are notorious for this. This means as the water stands the severity of the damage goes up drastically. But, we can help. Our professional water damage restoration team will come in with some industrial strength. We have water suckers that will suck the water as we purify the air with a dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers will wick the air of further moisture build-up and help prevent mold issues.

If there is standing water, we recommend that you do not stand in it. Remember, water carries electricity and we wouldn’t want anyone hurt. Stand clear of the water until we arrive and deem it safe to wade through, should you have to. Always take precautions with standing water as electrocution can cause serious injury or even death. Keep all pets, children, and people out of the water until help arrives.

Water damage restoration is a process in which water is removed from the area in a variety of ways. We have large sucking machines that will wick the water out of the carpets and flooring. And, industrial dehumidifiers that will help remove the water from the air as well. This is important as the water is evaporating into the air and being carried throughout the building. This humid air will be absorbed by the surrounding building materials which cause the perfect place for mold growth. 

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